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HOD 2014

Calling all Woody-folk!

Woody Folk Hands On Day

You are cordially invited to the 9th Annual Coppice Group Hands on Day which will be held on Saturday, 5th July, 2014 at the Fernhurst Furnace.

This year there will be much more to do and see with good food, good company, plenty of banter and barter and near-constant networking as standard.
For those of you who have not visited before, the clue is in the name; it is an opportunity to get some hands-on time and try out a wide variety of different activities, check out the Hands On Day pages for a flavour of the event.

Please note that you don’t need to be a member of the SSCG to share an activity or technique; we are extremely happy to have craftsmen from other areas sharing their skill, just let me know who and what!
Down the years we have had visitors from Cornwall to Cumbria and this year we are inviting many more people from all over the country. We also hope to have some of the NCFed Directors on hand to give us all a brief update on progress to date, plans for the future, answering questions and listening to views.
The event is open to any and all, with camping available from Friday evening through to Sunday, all we ask for in advance is an idea of numbers for catering purposes.
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So, spread the word and R.S.V.P. to John Sinclair at
For more detail see below……

Friday 4th July
P.m. – SSCG site set-up and camping visitors welcome.
Evening – BBQ (bring your own) and Roundhouse Social
Saturday 5th July
10.00 am Welcome and start getting Hands-on
1.00 pm Announcements followed by BBQ Lunch
2.00 pm Tools Auction (£1 entry per lot, mixed lots encouraged)
3.00 pm Presentations – NCFed and Bio-Security (t.b.c.)
3.30 pm More Hands-on
6.30 Dinner
Campfire & Roundhouse Social
Sunday 6th July
Breakfast and strike camp in a leisurely fashion

NB: where an activity involves materials such as fitting a new billhook handle, these may be charged for at cost. Otherwise all activities are free.
Some or all of the following:
Air Rifle Range & competition
Bark Weaving
Bundling and Tying Gadgets and gizmos
Catapault Making & range
Catering BBQ & Game, Vegetarian and Puddings
Chair seating – materials and techniques
Chestnut Palings
Chestnut Shakes
Deer Skittles
Deer Skinning & butchering (followed by cooking and eating) depending on availability….
Elder Whistles
Gypsy Pegs
Gypsy Flowers
Hazel Bonds
Hazel Whistles
Orienteering, use of Maps & Compass
Pole Lathes
Rope Splicing & Knots clinic
Scythe set up and use
Shrink Pots
Spool Knitting
Spoon Carving
Stake Tying competition
Steam Bending
Stock Knife
Thatching Spars
Tools for sale
Tools ID
Tools Sharpening techniques/tools/materials & re-handling – bring your own to do on the day
Tree Doctor – identification and treatment of pests and diseases (no samples please!)
Willow Skeins
Wood & Stone Carving & Polishing
Wood Carving & Printing
Woodland / Show structures competition designs & prototypes


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