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A Big Thank You to Everyone!

July 14, 2010

The 2010 ‘Hands-On-Day’….

It was an amazing event this year, we had a record number of visitors, and the biggest thank you goes out to those of you who gave up your time to demonstrate, and share with others, your learned skills.  Thank you so much for coming!!!  I have started to put together a new ‘Hands-On-Day’ page here on the website, which will have all the photos, comments, and reference information from the 2010 event.  Please do use the comments function on the new page, and share your experiences from the day!

Here are some further thanks from our Chairman…

“Dear all,
I would like to thank, and the entire group should also thank, Gemma who has worked long and hard to make the HOD a success this year. In fact the whole team, Mark Allery and Will Wallace in particular should be congratulated (and in my opinion bought beers) for their tireless work to set up, carry out, and clear up the whole event. They did a magnificent job to the point where I was almost totally redundant – my usual condition.
Special thanks must also go to Robin And Carla Barnes who hosted the SSCG, (and have already invited us back again next year), Pete Jameson and Paul Voddon who, with Mark’s admirable assistance conducted the auction in fine style and latterly faltering voice, and Dave Rossney for the catering. His team of Anthony, Johnno, and Jo performed marvels with meat while Gemma organised a thoroughly superb vegetarian option even to those carnivores amongst us.
Additional most honourable mentions must go to Andy Todman and Tracy who bought, brought, and helped deliver the food for lunch and Jill & Jack (or should that be Jack & Jill) who brought the New Forest Ice Cream. A valuable addition already booked for next year.
Overall it was a damned good day, but next year will be much better……..the planning starts now!
The next event will be the AGM, at Buchan Country Park, 7.30 with a BBQ as soon as we can get the necessary business out of the way. If I have my way it will be as quick as thoroughness makes possible!
Hope to see you all there – spread the word.
Best wishes,
John S.”

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